Your Own E commerce Site

Want your own e commerce website?

Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and many other successful e commerce sites started out as just a blip on the internet.  It took time and hard work, but look at them now!

Starting out, those entrepreneurs didn't have access to today's technology. YOU DO!

Following their example, you could be just as successful if you really want it.

Let's look at what each has in common:

First - They had the sense NOT to be everything to everyone! Meaning they chose a select group of people and products and targeted them. (Niche Marketing)

Second - How to service a fast growing customer base? - Hire a full time staff? NO! Most customers in a niche market know to products better than you do because they actually use those products. They have a strong attachment to both the message you are sending and to the service you provide. Even more importantly, their expertise may be well suited to become a vendor themselves.  Due to the cost,effort and time involved in setting up an e commerce shop, most will never try.

Ebay is by far the greatest example- Ebay's History

In 1995, e commerce was still in its child phase.  Compared to today, it was like standing on a street corner in NY and hoping someone from Iowa may pass by and buy your product and tell others in Iowa about you.  Few really understood purchasing by way of the computer. Ebay's founder knew that, yet he persisted against all odds. Hanging in there during the slow (often very slow) start up period, his patience paid off.

Is there a niche in which you have expertise? - You too can be the next Ebay!

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