Why buy here instead of Ebay?

Our NAME YOUR PRICE feature!

Only items may be purchased through this website.  Paying for services, MUST be done by contacting the vendor directly.

(Click vendor's name to see vendors profile and contact information)

Many of our vendors are flexible. They may post a "suggested" price based on other vendor's prices.  These vendors go the extra mile by allowing YOU to make an offer that YOU feel is fair.  "Lowball" offers are often rejected automatically by our system.  Make your offer, but be fair about it.

As a former experienced Ebay merchant, we worked hard to sell at the best possible price.  The fact is, we could have sold our products much cheaper. 

This is the case with ALL Ebay merchants. 

Merchants are hit with many different selling fees, including Paypal fees.  These fees can increase a product's price by up to 18% ! Throw in FREE Shipping, the selling cost can be as high as 40%.

Quality sellers would rather cut out those fees and pass the savings on to YOU, the buyer!

This site allows you and the seller(s) to discuss a lower price that is beneficial to both parties.  We have greatly reduced the fees they were paying to Ebay.  In fact, by YOU dealing with the seller directly, we charge them 0% selling fees!

Meek2Chic combines the best of Ebay and Craigslist, while giving you the knowledge that you are helping a struggling family provide a better life for their children and themselves.